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WCTS currently accepts Aetna, BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, Tricare, UnitedHealth Care, Medicare, and Medicaid/Magellan. Teletherapy is covered in Virginia by state law. 

White Cloud Therapeutic Services, LLC wants you to know that we take your health, mental and physical, very seriously. Considering recent developments concerning COVID-19 we have expanded our teletherapy services into the entire state of Virginia. By doing so we hope to help alleviate some of the isolation and loneliness felt during this time of social distancing.

Our teletherapy services are HIPAA compliant and user friendly. You will first meet with our Director Dr. Joseph Garcia for an intake evaluation. Dr. Garcia will also discuss the teletherapy process and answer any questions you may have about teletherapy. Dr. Garcia will also work with you to find a time that works best for you and schedule you for future appointments with one of our qualified therapists.

The practice of social distancing is an important aspect of decreasing exposure to this virus as well as decreasing its spread. However, social distancing can also have detrimental affects on our mental health. Teletherapy is one way that you can safely connect with another human to explore these difficulties and develop coping strategies for isolation as well as the changes that our world and personal lives are undergoing.

If you find that worries about the coronavirus and the changes we are all experiencing in how we work, go to school, or other aspects of life, are interfering with your well-being please reach out to set up a Teletherapy appointment today. We looking forward to meeting with you. 

You can also reach out to set up an appointment directly by filling out the form below.

This is NOT a confidential form of communication and confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. This form is intended for initiating contact. Please do not send confidential or personal information through this contact form, or in email.

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