Ryan Monteith, M.S., NCC

Resident in Counseling


Whether you come in with troubles and challenges in your work life, interpersonal relationships, finding a sense of meaning and purpose, or any other of the many struggles that all humans experience from time to time, I am here to encourage positive growth from you. I specialize in career decision-making, family, friendship, or romantic relationship issues, men’s issues, and managing anxiety and stress. I am also skilled in working with internet and marijuana addiction. Nonetheless, I enjoy building strong relationships and supporting all of my clients regardless of the challenges they face.

I am a trained individual and group counseling practitioner, who has clinical experience working with older adolescents, young adults, and adult populations. In particular, I have extensive experience working with college students. I help to replace unhealthy or maladaptive coping strategies with effective and constructive forms of stress relief.

In my practice, I balance both the acceptance of unfortunate aspects of the human condition with a parallel emphasis on takings steps to change your circumstances in a positive direction. Resident in Counseling under the supervision of Brandon Labarge, LPC.

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