A biopsychosocial evaluation is an assessment of current function based on your developmental, psychological, social history, and current circumstances. It includes a detailed analysis of these factors as well as your psychologist’s impressions of your current level of functioning. It will also include scores and explanations on any assessment tools that have been used and a formal diagnosis. 

Clients often need biopsychosocial diagnostic evaluation for work, accommodations, legal purposes, surgeries, etc. If you find yourself needing an evaluation please keep in mind that this process can take anywhere from three to four sessions and several weeks to write. These times are estimates and depending on your needs could take longer. It is important that you plan for this and are clear with your psychologist when you first make contact that this is your intention in seeking services. If you are a current client, begin having this conversation as soon as you suspect that you may need an evaluation. Though sessions may be covered by insurance the evaluation itself may not be. The evaluation is a separate charge from regular evaluation sessions. The cost for writing the evaluation is $500.00. 

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