Dr. Joseph A. Garcia, PsyD, LCP

Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Director


Specialties: Adolescent to adult populations, LGBTQ, identity development, life transitions, grief, depression, anxiety, phobias, and existential concerns

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Dr. Gutierrez

Dr. Daniel Gutierrez, PhD, LPC (VA), LMCH (NC), CSAC, NCC


Specialties: Adult populations, addiction, panic disorder, depression, existential concerns, couples counseling, and supervision for CSAC and LPCA residents in Virginia and North Carolina

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Dr. Stephanie Dorais, PhD, LPC, MA, NCC


Specialties: Adolescent to adult populations, anxiety, depression, and trauma

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Staci Briggs, LPC, M.Ed., NCC


Specialties: Adult and child populations, individual and group therapy, addiction, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and trauma

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Devon Boyers, M.Ed., NCC

Licensed Resident in Counseling


Specialties: Adolescent to adult populations, existential concerns, trauma, anxiety, and depression

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Allison Dukes, M.Ed., NCC

Licensed Resident in Counseling


Specialties: Marriage and family counseling, college Students, and substance abuse

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Mary McGovern, MSW

Supervisee in Clinical Social Work


Specialties: Children, teens, and adults; trauma, grief, identity (including LGBTQA+), anxiety, and depression; attention deficit, sensory stimulation, and autism spectrum disorders; relationship issues, including parenting challenges

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Karli Covell, M.S.Ed

Licensed Resident in Counseling


Specialties: Addiction, anger management, stress-management, anxiety, depression, relationship issues,  trauma

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Emireth Cancino, M.S., NCC

Licensed Resident in Counsleing


Specialties: Adolescent to adult populations, anxiety, depression, anger management, trauma, and PTSD. Tambien yo hablo espanol!

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Jocelyn Scott, MSW

Supervisee in Clinical Social Work


Specialties: Blended approach of Cognitive-Behavioral, Person-Centered, and Solution Focused techniques, Anxiety and Depression

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Alysa Patti, M.Ed., NCC

Resident in Counseling


Specialties: individual, group, couples, and family counseling with adults, children, and the military/veteran communities

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Ryan Monteith, M.S., NCC

Resident in Counseling


Specialties: Career decision-making, family, friendship, or romantic relationship issues, men’s issues, and managing anxiety and stress

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Alex Johnston, M.Ed., NCC

Resident in Counseling


Specialties: Individuals who are experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, binge-eating disorder, and emotional eating behaviors

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