prof picDr. Joseph A. Garcia

Joseph has been practicing meditation in varying traditions for more than 20 years. He was lay ordained into the Soto Zen tradition in 2016. Joseph has been running meditation for mental health workshops and classes since his second year in graduate school where he also completed his doctoral dissertation on Loving Kindness Meditation as a treatment for aggressive interactions. In addition to this he facilitated and taught meditation at the White Cloud Meditation Center for two years while he deepened his study of Soto Zen practice and Shikantaza meditation. He now runs White Cloud Therapeutic Services where he utilizes meditation and mindfulness in his therapeutic work as well as in his own daily life.

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David Gosling

David has been a Zen practitioner for the past ten years. During that time, he has Profile pic DGattended intensive silent retreats on a yearly basis in order to deepen his practice. He also spent a summer in a Tibetan Buddhist Abbey discerning a call to monk-hood. In addition to his Buddhist practices David spent 3 years living and working at a Sufi retreat center where he practiced the mystical arts of Islam through daily prayer, meditation, and recitation. He has earned a graduate certificate in Christian pastoral counseling from the Boston College School of Theology, He also holds a certificate in Islamic studies from Tayseer Seminary.

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