Gwyn Limber is a Licensed Resident in Counseling (RC) who has 20 years of experience in the field treating trauma, LGBTQA+ issues, women’s issues, and more. She has experience working with children, pre-teens, teens and adults in many settings. She has provided therapy in group homes, domestic violence shelters, substance abuse centers, in-home, and multiple outpatient settings.

Gwyn completed her Master of Science (MS) at the University of Kentucky. She began as an art major, but found her passion in psychology and helping others. Gwyn uses play therapy and expressive therapy techniques in her work with clients. She finds the use of creative activities helps clients to connect with their feelings and with reaching solutions and understanding.

Specialties include: LGBTQA+, women’s issues, alternative spirituality, and trauma. Gwyn believes that you are the expert on yourself and that you are a critical part of the treatment team. She believes in working with you to find ways that fit your unique way of working and thinking in the therapeutic setting. Gwyn will work to tailor the process to meet you where you are regarding life experiences and current needs.

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