Licensed Profession Counselor & Certified Rehabilitation Counselor

I have worked as a counselor for over 30 years providing individual, marital and family counseling. I am a “Problem Solver”. My goal is to help work though whatever the problem is so life can move forward. Too many people become “stuck”. We need to learn to solve what we can and move past what we cannot. Life is too short to spend it in a state of unhappiness. I do not make demands or pressure. I listen. But I will give guidance and opinions.

I seek to help you understand your dynamics and those around you and assist in choosing the best path or options. My specialty is people. Everyone is different and have their own “Normal”. My job is to help you live with your normal or work to make a new one.

I have learned that many people are unhappy and need assistance to be in a better place. And that each person has unique situations that others might not understand. In counseling we would work together to become comfortable with who you really are and what you want in life.

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