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Allison Dukes, M.Ed., NCC
Licensed Resident in Counseling

Tackling life’s challenges can often feel like something we must do alone. Everyone should have the support they need to conquer these challenges; taking the first step by asking for that support is a courageous one. Utilizing integrative, strengths-based approaches, I want to help you make goals for change; whether these goals include personal or relational growth, I am here to help. My holistic view of counseling involves working alongside you, your partner or partners, so we can continue this journey together.

I graduated with my master’s in couples, marriage, and family counseling from William & Mary in 2020. My internships allowed me to gain experience working with college students struggling with substance use, couples and families, and incarcerated citizens working through their recoveries.

I am currently a resident in counseling in Virginia and am board certified by the National Board for Certified Counselors. I am also working towards my doctoral degree in Counselor Education & Supervision from William & Mary.

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